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🧟‍♂️ Not If... But When... 🌋

If you dig Good-vs-Evil struggles, and worlds which are slowly devolving into hard times, then you've arrived... I write hard-hitting action, technically not post-apocalypse, technically not military technothrillers... kind of a blend of the two genres. I don't do "zombie fiction", but we all know zombies are just an allegory for the bad survivors, right?!

Did you know?

  • 💰 My website prices are cheaper than the retailers (*Except ebooks enrolled in Kindle Unlimited)
  • 📙 You can get a free novella for subbing to my newsletter
  • 💻 I have a blog (prepping, entrepeneurship, "adulting" 😎)
  • 📚 Most books can be bundled with their series counterparts

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