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Infringed: Part 1 The Truth Behind the Attacks on Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club

Infringed: Part 1 The Truth Behind the Attacks on Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club

Most of my reach as a small-time post-apoc fiction author is limited to a small amount of Facebook friends scattered throughout the United States. This post introduces the high-level view of a story local and deeply personal to me, but it is one that will appall anyone in this country that is concerned about our eroding liberties, particularly regarding firearms. The atrocious way that my county has been attacking my gun club for over a dozen years was more recently called “a playbook” by the leaders of a neighboring county as they went after a tactical training business. [The same case that fellow author Glen Tate has been helping the "real Joe Tantori" from his book series fight.] This “playbook” could be employed by any power-hungry city or county officials anywhere in the nation—including near you.

I based the gun range in “Slaughter County” in my Cascadia Fallen trilogy on my own home-range and gun club, the Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club between Bremerton and Seabeck, Washington. As I type this, I’ve been a member for a little over ten years. I think we’ve been allowed to discharge firearms for maybe two-and-a-half of those.

There is no surprise ending, here. The two county-filed lawsuits and injunctions we’ve been fighting for years is all about re-zoning for developers. The surprises in this stinky pot of stew come in the meat and potatoes themselves. The lies and tactics of various departments in this county will enrage many of you, but they should concern every American who thinks government serves us, not the other way around. They’ll read like they’re coming from a Hollywood script in some cases. And a few things will become blatantly obvious in the process.

As this recurring series progresses, it will be clear that the county had designs on our property since at least 1992, even though the first lawsuit wasn’t filed until 2010. The timing of that lawsuit will become seen for what it is—a tactic to start the shut-down process just over one year after the same county commissioners had proclaimed what a vital public service the club provides. Claims of safety, noise pollution, and environmental damage will be shown to have been disproven in court, with the county spending large sums of tax-payer money trying to prove otherwise—and then trying to suppress their own results when the claims didn’t unfold the way they wanted. I’ll show you a coordinated effort by the local newspaper to paint the club as a bunch of dangerous whack-jobs with political cartoons and one-sided hit pieces. And so much more.

And in addition to the factual connection between at least one of our former commissioners and the county’s largest property developer, it will soon become clear that the abuse of process by the Department of Community Development was not just about collecting tax revenue on new homes—it was also about “sending a message” to the community that they’ll quash anyone bold enough to fight them when they've declared something. We’ll also see judges and prosecutors with personal connections, and we’ll see an arbitrator (hired by the county) who proclaimed the club was not at fault on a supposed permit-issue but still needed to pay for a permit on work performed.

I’ll put out a new installment in this series every one to two months. When I self-published my first book, I had announced I would then write an entire non-fiction expose on this story. But over time, the reality that writing is simple compared to finding readers hit me. I postponed the idea as I was struggling just to sell my fiction, let alone try to promote this true story nationwide. But the time has come. My state just enacted the most tyrannical gun-control legislation ever passed. The leftists-socialists—and those devout, party-line democrats who naively think they’re NOT part of the communist clique—have an iron-grip. This book would take at least a year to write, but as a series of blog posts, I can get the message out more quickly while in the fact-confirming process. I'll credit once and permanently that most of this information comes from two sources: the club's current president and head of the legal committee (M.D.); and the club's current executive officer and range master (M.C.) But this story is neither theirs or mine. This story belongs to the past and current members, and it needs to be told.

I’ll wrap with a final warning—don’t think this isn’t in the works everywhere. If you live in a “red state” and aren’t involved with your local politics, I can nearly guarantee that in your local school boards, port commissions, city and county governments, there is a growing tide of greed and tyranny right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” playbook happening. Now is the time to get involved with whatever skills and talents God gave you.


Interested in helping in this fight? Please email the Executive Committee at

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  • Alan Hansen, that is highlighted in detail in Part 2.

    Pat O'Dell on
  • I am curious, under what circumstances and what year did KRRC obtain title to their property?

    Alan Hansen on
  • Thank you, Austin Chambers, for writing about this virtually unbelievable story of corruption.

    Marcus Carter on

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