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Part two of the trilogy picks up right where the exciting conclusion to Tahoma’s Hammer left readers hanging. As new allies begin to move onto the club’s property, Phil must begin the grieving process for the loss of his son. Rising violence throughout Slaughter County forces the well-meaning club members to take drastic action, while also waiting to see if the local authorities do the same. In the midst of this, Phil discovers a dear friend has been gravely injured. He decides to set out to find him before it’s too late.

Travel back in time, too, as new characters experience the disasters. A pair of former Rangers move their family to their bug-out location. A charge nurse learns the true meaning of horror when she leads the hospital’s triage center. And a sniper set on vengeance finds himself in a life and death battle with a monster.

In the shadows, as local organized crime syndicates jockey for the top spot, a subversive and ready foe is amassing an army of unbelievable size. The authorities in Seattle learn in one night how desperately out-planned and out-gunned they are. Watch as the Mendoza Cartel sets the stage for a new regime, while Phil and the Slaughter Peninsula Posse work to stop the remaining peace officers from destroying what little Liberty remains.