Cascadia Fallen: Tahoma’s Hammer

Book 1: Tahoma’s Hammer

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The day their world changed started out just like any normal, drizzly, October day in the Pacific Northwest. Phil Walker had just finished taking a bottled water delivery from Tony Manners at the gun-range he operates. Phil’s son Crane was building scaffold in a dry-dock at the local naval shipyard. Petty Officer Carmen Martinez and Dr. Stuart Schwartz were about to board a plane bound for L.A. The ground turned to jelly as a massive earthquake rocks Washington state.

Numbness and disbelief are the pre-dominant feelings as people start to grasp the enormity of destruction. The control tower at Seatac Airport is damaged, as is the famed Space Needle. Some bridges have fallen, while the roads become parking lots for the ones that haven’t. At the Washington State Naval Shipyard, Captain Marie Darnell is assessing the damage and the threat to the Navy’s assets. Nobody realizes that this was only the pre-cursor until three hours later when a Magnitude 9.0 mega-thrust earthquake triggers Mt. Rainier to erupt, and it dissolves into mud and ash. A tsunami wipes out the coast. Preparedness has become trendy, but nobody is truly prepared for what is happening. The electric grid not only falls, it creates a domino effect of power and internet failures throughout the entire country. Entire cities become mired in 20-foot thick mud, killing hundreds of thousands. The ports are inoperable. The Space Needle falls.

Phil sets-up a safety-camp at his gun-range, while his son works to stop flooding that will destroy an aircraft carrier. Captain Darnell works at keeping this catastrophe from becoming a nuclear contamination nightmare. Dr. Schwartz and Carmen must learn to work together for mutual survival. The ill-prepared Tony steps-out to find his missing girls. The best and worst of humanity surfaces as people become thirsty, hungry and dangerous. The prepared become targets in the eyes of those in-need. Everybody is a target to the criminals. A flu-outbreak triggers the surrounding states to set-up a containment line, isolating Washington into a near-lawless zone. Father and son both learn about ultimate sacrifice.

People learn once more how much they can handle—and how to care for one another—as they band together. Tony finds his girls, but reports that things are near-apocalyptic in Seattle. Stuart and Carmen find personal strengths in themselves as they make their way to safety through dangerous paths. The navy averts crisis, but at all costs. As the community learns to work together on a larger-scale, it becomes apparent that this is just the beginning of more serious challenges ahead.