Carmen Martinez, 20, born on August 7


Cook in the Navy on the carrier USS Halsey


Carmen bands with a doctor she met at the airport to try to get back to Slaughter County together. They trek with each other for several days and then a bought of flu for Stu forces hew to keep watch over him in some woods for several days. They decide to barter a boat ride across Puget Sound, but she and Stu soon learn there’s a price to pay for being sheep in a wolf’s world.


She grew up in a rough neighborhood and is a fighter. She is motivated to get back to her ship by a sense that the Navy will be able to provide for her basic needs.


To work with Stu and make it back to her ship. She dislikes Stu, but she also knows she needs a pair of eyes watching her back.


Feels guilty about leaving her family to join the Navy.


Learns that sometimes the people you dislike the most eventually become something you care about.


Carmen is a young sailor who joined the navy just to get away from L.A. She loves her mom and siblings, but never had a relationship with her criminal-father. She is headed home for leave when the disasters strike. She teams with a doctor who was standing next to her at the airport, as they both realize things are catastrophic. At first, she can’t stand him, because he represents the L.A. elite that she has learned to hate. They band together because he decides to travel back to his parent’s and they’ll be going the same direction. They learn to trust and rely on each other. She guards him while he is sick, and he comes for her when things go horribly wrong.


Born into a poor but loving family, Carmen did her best to pass high school, but she did not do her best. She worked, she watched her 5 siblings, and she did what she could to avoid running with the wrong crowd. Her father was a criminal who her mother did not take to go see in jail. Once, learning he had been out of jail for months, she tracked him down. Not only did he try to down-play the relationship, he tried to borrow money.


Mother and 5 siblings: good

Father: non-existent


Petite and pretty, of Puerto Rican heritage. She is about 5’ 3” and about 105 pounds. Fit.


Strong and tough, with a rapid speaking mannerism. Will slip into Spanish when she is pissed about something. Her family is actually of Puerto Rican heritage so she gets annoyed because everyone assumes she is Mexican since she’s from L.A.


Modern and hip, she wears fashionable clothing and tries to look hot when she can. She hasn’t had much of a chance in life to foster hobbies and interests, but would love to be a singer/dancer. She likes to go clubbing in Seattle to get away from the Navy and the hicks in Slaughter County.


Lives on the USS Halsey