Charles Foxglove Reeves, 40, born on April 3


Graveyard Sergeant for the sheriff’s office for the central part of the county.


Charlie is one of the main deputies for the county and is staying at work for extended durations. He is witnessing the decay of civility and trying to encourage his wife to move out to Phil’s range.


To be a good husband and father and serve his community until things get back to normal.


To preserve life in his county until the power comes back on. That is the key to getting things under control in his mind.


Things just keep getting worse. He knows that the authorities must keep the criminals at bay. He doesn’t care for some of the decisions being made, but he knows that the cops must be unified behind them. He and his best friend have a falling out because of this.


He may have to choose sides…


Charlie is a Slaughter County Sheriff Sargent in the patrol division. He is the field supervisor for the Central county patrol deputies. When the disasters strike, he knows that things are about to get bad. He asks Phil to take in his family. He ultimately gets into it with Phil because he just can’t seem to understand the hard-spot Charlie is in.


Charlie was born and raised in the Suquamish tribe, the son of a full-blooded Native American and white mother. An injury forced him out of football at the University of Washington, so he went to community college. He became tribal casino security which led him to the tribal police department eventually. At 25, he transferred to the sheriff’s department. He became a sergeant a few years earlier and recently transferred to graveyard shift.


Wife is Melinda; they’ve been married 12 years. Kids are Kiersten [10] and Charles Jr [8]. His mother and brother were killed by drunk when he was 6. His father died of lung-cancer about 5 years before the catastophes. He has no siblings.

He and Phil have been buddies for many years, shooting in competitions together many times. He has even taken classes from Phil. He was one of the first-in officers at the big highway shooting. This cemented the bond between him and Phil.


Charlie is 6’ 1” and a solid 225 pounds. He is in pretty good shape, though he’s suffered a rash of injuries on the job over the years. Ruggedly handsome.


Charlie is even-tempered and acts like an all-American dad. He has a deep voice and sound and hardly ever raises his voice except as a control mechanism for perpetrators.


Middle class. Dresses like an average sports fan. Wears the typical jeans and a t-shirt combo when not on duty. Tends to his son’s sports teams as best he can, though work is often in the way. Likes to play softball and go dirt-bike riding. Big on camping, but never gets the good holidays off.


Charlie lives in Peterson and drives fairly new Toyota Tundra. They have a dog and a cat.