Earl Leland Garren, 42, born November 13


Retired SFC from 75th Ranger regiment, 2nd Battalion (1998-2019); Works at Bass Pro shops and tends to the kids so his wife can work on her career.


Earl and his family wait for his best buddy and Army brother to show up at their house in the City of Des Moines so that they can make the trek to his river cabin in the foothills to the Cascade Mountains.

They quickly discover that vehicle bug-out is impossible. His teenage daughter is in a severe state of denial about how bad things are, which contributes to a poor decision and tragic consequence that affects them all.

The clan finally makes it there, and Earl realizes that his new mission is to get all of the city-dwelling, weekend-cabin-owners up-to-speed on how to defend the area. He is in for two strokes of luck—one good, the other…not so much.


He is a Papa Bear first and foremost, but in the back of his mind is that as a retired Ranger, he may have to play a bigger role before things get good again.


To get his family to the bug-out cabin, take a breather, and make a new-plan after that.


Born in Cle Elum, he joined the Army out of high school. His dad worked at the Cle Elum Dam. He joined the army because he felt a calling to see and serve somewhere more exciting. He learned discipline and made the Army a career.


  • Wife is Victoria, 39
  • Kids are Piper Elizabeth, 15 and Owen Henry, 12
  • Best friend is Conner Moore, 39, an old unit buddy


Big and powerful looking 6’ 2”, with a small gut that says he hasn’t done “PT” in a couple of years. Tan Ranger ballcap. Collar length hair, crow’s feet, salt and pepper beard.


Bass voiced, directly blunt. He’s usually the more subdued and quiet person in his relationships. His wife is a strong woman who has gotten used to his quiet nature. His buddy Conner is a natural comedian that he sometimes needs to reign-in. He would much rather go fly-fishing in the rain that spend 10-minutes in a mall.