Payton Olivia Walker, 30, born March 19


Swing-shift deli worker at Safeway


Payton is a 20-week pregnant mother going through a break-up when the disasters strike. Even after the Hammer hits, she lives in denial about the state of things. A forced evacuation makes her and her daughter flee toward her father’s in the middle of the night. She and Phil have a rocky relationship, but she knows he’ll provide for her. Once they connect, she has to deal with coping with the “new world” while worrying about the future without pediatricians and a hospital. She and Phil continue to butt heads about her denial, but a tragic event for her daughter forces her to wake up.


To prove to Phil that she’s a good mother and not irresponsible.


To figure out her place and role in life.


Has a hard-time shedding the belief that the world owes her something.


Realizes that life isn’t so bad in the safety of her dad’s retreat. Finds a glimmer of hope in meeting someone new.


Payton works at the deli at Safeway and is pregnant and going through a break-up with her fiance. After the quake strikes, she and her daughter live in denial until the fire department forces everyone out of their apartments. They make their way to Phil’s house, but he isn’t there. They eventually find him at the range. She realizes that being family is the only thing that keeps her in the inner-circle, and that if she weren’t Phil’s daughter, people would have tossed her out by now. When her daughter gets abducted, she realizes how naïve she’s been.


Payton was born in California at the navy hospital. They moved back to Slaughter County about the time she was going into kindergarten. She lived most of her life here, except for a stint in Tacoma during the first couple of years out of high-school. She was going to junior college with the intention of going to culinary arts school. Partying got in the way, and then pregnancy did, too. He was literally just an army guy from Ft. Lewis that she’d had a couple of fun weekends with. When she tried to track him down about 4 months-in, she learned he’d gotten out of the army and moved back to New Jersey. She moved back to Slaughter County, and had drifted through a few shitty jobs in the mean-time. She was the swing-shift deli-counter girl for 4 years, and occasionally trained under the butcher and baker to back-fill for them when they were gone.


Her daughter Savannah, 9,  is her world.

Her daughter’s father lives in New Jersey last she knew.

Her ex-fiance, Brendan, is also the father of the baby she is carrying. He is a cable installer down in Pierce County and not a particularly motivated person. She never hears from again after the events.

She and Phil have had an icy relationship ever since high-school. She misses her mother. Dad was always an ass, in her opinion.


Being the daughter of a ginger and a blonde, she has blondish hair with a red-twinge in summer, 5’ 5”, and out-of-shape—not fat, just flabby. She used to hit the treadmill a lot, but gave up as life moved-in on her. She tries to take her daughter to the park once per week, so that she can burn some calories herself. She is self-conscious about getting fat because of her job, but has no medical ailments.


As a former party-girl, she can sometimes get very ingrained into the conversations, trying to keep things light and lively. She likes to sing, and worships the various tv talent shows.


She tries to stay up to style with society, but her job, pregnancy, and break-up have force her to prioritize practicality over fashion. Work has forced her to adjust hobbies to something not food-related. Her love of singing means she likes to go to karaoke when she can get a sitter. She is good with guns, but doesn’t have the passion for the lifestyle that her dad and brother do. She does know how to do outdoorsy stuff, though. She wishes she’d taken up horses, dance and all the other things her parents tried to get her to do when she was a kid.


Income is a factor for having no pets. She lives in an apartment in Sylvan and is looking for a roommate now that she and Brendan broke up. Her car is a Honda CRV, burnt orange.