SANDY MCCALLISTER, 62, a 5’ 0”  leader of the Slaughter County DEM

MOTIVATION: Sandy was just a few scant months from retiring. Her motivation shifts from living a normal life, to shaping the local government the way she thinks it should be from now on.

GOAL:  To keep the peace and further her own political agenda in the process.

CONFLICT:       None. She is a true believer that opinions that don’t align with hers don’t matter.

EPIPHANY:      There is humiliation in learning you were wrong as the leader, when you just knew everyone else was the problem.

SUMMARY PARAGRAPH:       Sandy is largely doing a great job handling the crisis. She is savvy enough to keep an eye on the navy and wise enough to know when to stay quiet. Things really start to become difficult when the state leaders reveal that help is not on the way. She is used to getting things done, and sometimes that means making a few enemies. She never loses her cool, but she can be a cut-throat bitch. She begins to believe it is her calling to promote certain social controls – that all of this is a sign she has a higher purpose.

BIO:     Sandy is due to retire at the end of the year. She has been involved in Emergency Mgt. since the late-80’s, when she decided to give up insurance and work towards a MS in Emergency Services Admin from Cal State in Long Beach. Her first job was a planner for the city of L.A. Her first major project was running the hot-wash after the Rodney King riots. Her husband was an attorney who relocated with her to Washington in the mid-90s when she took the deputy director job for Slaughter County DEM. In the early 2000’s, she was appointed director after her boss retired. She is the matriarch of all things emergency management on the peninsula. She has deep ties to the politicians and Navy leaders.

PERSONALITY: She can be quite charming until someone pisses her off. She is known as the Godfather, something that nobody dares call her when she is in the building. She secretly enjoys the nick-name but would never let them know. She is very smooth and savvy, politically, enjoying the fact that federal funding is easy to obtain here, yet the populace is moderately blue-ish when they vote. Her and her husband intend on retiring to Arizona.

She has her own bathroom attached to her office, as well as a special mattress for her cot.

PHYSICAL: about 5’ 0”, chubby and gray. Likes pant-suits. Sandy uses a fake southern accent that helps her ramp up her charm.