CHRISTOPHER “STICKY” WOOD, 40, born August 8th

JOB: Involuntarily committed “resident” at the McNeil Island Special Commitment Center for high-risk sexual offenders. He used to make cash doing basic under-the-table construction. He was also a full-member of the Risen Dead MC.

MOTIVATION: Despite his predatory urges, he is highly intelligent. He knows the value of the facility and the island to the club. Once he takes control of the place, he becomes focused on convincing Legion it is a perfect permanent base-camp.

GOAL:  Maintain control and influence and slowly drive the perverts off the island as he figures out how to get hold of his old Motorcycle Club.

CONFLICT:       None. He’s a sociopath, not quite a true psychopath, but he feels no guilt or remorse for his crimes—only for letting down his brothers.

EPIPHANY:      This is the chance to live in a world where he feels “normal.”

STORY ARCH:  Sticky relishes the moment the hammer falls on the world. He gets a slight injury and spends a few days calling in favors with pre-selected residents at his special housing complex. When the time is right, he establishes dominance and begins to cultivate the island into the perfect base for his organized crime family. Something happens to his plans, though, as the hunter becomes the hunted. Sticky barely escapes and learns of the ill-fate of some of his most-trusted brothers. He manages to put some distance between himself and his unknown stalker and begins to track down Dr. Stuart Schwartz to exact a slow and painful revenge.

PERSONALITY: Smart, hates people but has learned to fake the things he needs to in order to function. Cunning, like a chess player.

PHYSICAL: about 6’, moderate build, has tattoos. Hair is brown, wavy and collar length. Green eyes.