Dr. Stuart Schwartz, 47, born December 31


Plastic surgeon to the stars.


Stuart must work with Carmen to get from SeaTac Airport back towards Slaughter County. They spend several days trekking south, then stay in the woods with some homeless people while he is sick. The events of the new world force the rich doctor to learn to evolve, or die. They barter a boat ride and wind up gravely regretting the choice. Stu is forced to confront himself as a man when something bad happens to Carmen.


Basic survival. He is a self-centered and not very happy person.


To make it back to Jefferson County to stay with his parents.


Doesn’t like feeling obliged to help another.


Realizes that in great devastation, he may have met a friend for the first time in his life.


Stuart is just trying to get back to L.A. after a “courtesy” visit to his parent’s house in Sequim, Washington. He waits at the airport after the first quake, weighing options. After witnessing the volcano blow 80,000 feet into the sky, he realizes he needs to get back to his parents’ as fast as possible. A gentle, almost Spiritual nudge tells him to work with Carmen. They face horrors as they make their way back around the sound. A defining moment slaps Stu in the face, forcing him to put someone else above himself for the first time in his life.


Stuart is a Jewish doctor who is from L.A. His parents were from San Jose which is where he grew up, but he had visions of being a doctor to the rich and famous. He went to Stanford, and med school at UCLA. He originally wanted to be a heart surgeon, but realized the money was in plastic.

Stuart found and married the proper Jewish girl for a wife in his 30’s and caught her cheating enough times that he eventually called it quits just 5 years into the marriage. He never had kids, a fact his mother likes to remind him about.


Parents Asher and Esther Schwartz, who he respects, but doesn’t understand why they moved all the way up to Sequim. Asher was an insurance broker who sold his business when he retired.

Ex-wife Sarah, who he has cut all ties with.

No kids


Short and pudgy. Dark hair is thin on-top. He is somewhat plain-looking. He does maintain his health, because it is an expectation of his clients to look good, but not too good. He does have very white teeth. If he didn’t groom himself with good products and clothes, he wouldn’t attract much attention. He has borderline hyper-tension.


Small in stature, he is somewhat subdued because of his upbringing and marriage to a strong, Jewish woman. He is slightly nasally when he speaks. He’s pretty much a dick to anyone he considers inferior, though he finds himself being tolerant of Carmen.


Expensive upper-class leisure clothing. Gold Mariner watch. Diamond encrusted money-clip. Designer glasses. Expensive luggage. First-class passenger. Golf. Attending parties. Carries a lot of cash.


Lives in an expensive neighborhood and drives a Lexus, a leaser that is never more than 1 year old.