Anthony Wendell Manners, 37, born on February 3


Delivery driver for Azul-Aqua, bottled water and cooler service


Tony was delivering water to Phil during the initial quake. He makes his way south to check on his wife, who reminds him that their twin girls were on a field-trip to Seattle. After the Hammer blows and the school can provide no answers, Tony decides to ask his friend for a boat-ride to Seattle so he can go find his girls. They are shocked by the devastation they find on the way, which pales to the wasteland they see when they get there.

Tony goes on a cross-city trek which leads him to the refugee centers being run at the sports arenas. He finds his girls and has to become one of the thousands of people running out of time in a city without hope.


To keep his family from harm.


To find his girls, bring them home, and convince his wife they need to leave town.


Knows he doesn’t have the skills to be rightfully taking on this journey.


Realizes he can do a lot more than he ever gave himself credit for.


Tony was just about to leave the gun range from his bi-weekly delivery when the first quake struck. He makes his way back to the city to check-in on his wife and report back to work. He and his wife spend the whole day trying to get ahold of the school to find out where their kids are. After the big-one strikes, he decides he can’t just wait around; he must try to get to his baby-girls. He does manage to make it there, and find them. When he gets home, he knows the only safe option for his family is the range. He goes and reports how bad things are, especially for those who are relying on the FEMA shelters.


Born to a loving family in Virginia, Tony joined the Navy to earn money for college and get away for a while. He did 8 years in logistics. He had married a local girl, and they had twin girls. He got out as a first-class and had a steady stream of part-time jobs as a sub-contractor at the shipyard. He figured out that despite the money, he didn’t enjoy the Navy anymore, even as a civilian. He used his warehousing experience to work in Federal Way for a while, but took the delivery job in Bartlett to be closer to home. He had been working for them for several years when the quakes hit. He was also provides door-security for his favorite club on some weekends.


His wife, Sheila, and daughters, Tasha and Talia, who are almost teenagers.

His wife’s parents and brother also live locally.


He is 6’ 2” and a good 350 pounds on a light day. He is strong from hauling bottled water all-day, but he also loves to eat BIG. It didn’t help that his Filiina mother-in-law made lumpia and pancit about twice a month. He was already on blood thinners and watching his cholesterol.


Jovial. He loves to tell jokes and create peace in his environment, unless someone is threatening his family. He will take you down-town in a heartbeat. Deeply husky voice with a slightly southern twang.


Tony loves the Carolina Panthers, and sports in general. He dresses in modern attire, and tries to keep a sports them when his wife will let him. He watches sports, and eats, and is a lover of music. 


They own a starter home in Port View, near the big park. Tony drives a mid-size SUV, and his wife drives a newer Toyota Camry. They have indoor cats.