What do you think? Should a volcano novel come out on “Release day”?! This special edition blog post is just a re-hash of the posts and photos I was putting out yesterday at the “Unity of Effort” event in Sequim, Washington.

A SH-60 from Whidbey Island NAS, and a smaller helo from Airlift Northwest in Seattle.


Save the Date! March 7, 2020 in Silverdale, WA. I’m good friends with the people organizing this!

First and foremost, I’m appreciative of every person who has liked, shared, posted, commented etc. in the months leading up to this release. It is quite possible that I could have released 2-3 months back (by rushing and possibly amplifying mistakes in the learning-curve). I am happy with how things turned out though. On Day 1, thanks to all of you pre-buying the book, I sold 93 e-units and over a dozen paper. I noticed by the end of that day that I had almost broke “6000” in the overall Amazon rankings. That is out of about 170,000 books, so that is saying something! That is a fickle number, artificially inflated by the pre-sales, I think, but that is okay. Baby steps.

Someone misspelled Cascadia….

The event itself started slowly, as the “least rainy city in western Washington” got drenched for a couple of hours. But the sun came out eventually, and so did the people. Now that we’re through the first time, I will “hot-wash” what I could’ve done better and hopefully see you at the Panhandle Preparedness Expo, in Sandpoint, Idaho next month!

An un-serialized bird from the 160th SOAR, the special operator’s delivery service!



Remember: Our DUTY is to Be READY.