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Cascadia Fallen: Tahoma’s Hammer

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A 9.0 earthquake triggers Mt. Rainier into erupting…

…leading to total annihilation of all infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest.

 Just how long until the wolves and the flock both realize that help isn’t on the way?

In Slaughter County, an impromptu group of people band together for mutual safety, while others at a nearby Naval Shipyard work non-stop to avert a nuclear-powered disaster.

Follow unprepared survivors who must adapt on the fly in order to save themselves…and the ones they love…

The best and worst of humanity surfaces, as one family learns about ultimate sacrifice, while a ruthless and prepared menace builds in the shadows.

Will the American Spirit be enough to see them through their own personal apocalypse?

Price listed is for Kindle. Also available in paperback, Audible and Kindle Unlimited.