About Austin

Meet “Austin Chambers”

This is the Bio on my Author Website. 2020 has definitely earned “Dumbest year of the Year” awards…but man—has it taught me a LOT!

I’m a DOD civilian, working at the only Naval Shipyard on the U.S.’ West Coast. Yes, this is a pen-name, and yes, tons of people know my real one. What started as an attempt to maintain a sense of privacy has realistically just become a branding decision.

I’m a Navy vet and have spent the bulk of my career in scaffold, fall protection, and industrial safety, which is why my very first book was so heavy with those things in the sub-plots. I’m also an asthmatic, so when the Beer Virus first reared its ugly head, I was able to go home for a few months, with the very fortunate blessing of keeping a paycheck. My coworkers have—rightfully—reminded me of that when I’m feeling less thn 100% gratitude. But…when I was home I started a preparedness related YouTube channel…and QUICKLY learned thorugh a mass-Exodus of newsletter subscribers that not all post-apoc/mil-thrill readers are preppers.

That brings me here: I have two similar websites and social-media presences with two distinct purposes. This website serves people who like to read, may want to know more about self-publishing, and may find inspiration in my efforts to re-invent myself (through re-mastering self-discipline.)

I’m originally from the Texas Hill-Country, hence the name “Austin”. I married young and have managed to stay that way, despite myself. Those who know me best, know that I’m my own worst enemy. I have the curse of quick-wit, blended with social filters that are often turned-off at the wrong moment. It is rumored that I have told one-too-many “that’s what she said” jokes…

The pic is our mouser—the ultra-creatively named “Kitty”—who adopted us as a stray. I’m years between dogs, trying to finish a big fence project in my “spare” [HA!] time. He’s as loving as a dog, though, and we haven’t had a mole problem ever since he found our property.