Howdy, friends!

I’m just going to throw up some quick mind-diarrhea to announce that I’m almost done splitting my preparedness and writing stuff a little bit.

This is actually a slightly polished version of the original Cascadia Fallen website, retitled as an author site. Long story shortened is that I discovered that not all of my reading audience was digging the preparedness stuff that was dominating my newsletter. So I made a decision to invest time and effort into creating a set of social media pages, website, and newsletter that tailors to those who dig the prepping thing—reserving this site for book promotions, life junk, and another pursuit I would like to teach—how to hack your own way into self-publishing.

The divorce is “mostly”, meaning I plan on running any online sales all through this website.

The other one is due to open this afternoon (fingers-crossed) and will be [which I’ll hyperlink when it happens.]

I will close with saying thanks for bearing with me. I encourage you to find your passion and work overtime to make it happen!