As I recover from a week-off the rat race and prepare mentally to go back (in my mind, sitting in a corner, pouting), I’m inspired to tell anyone who pays attention to this floundering blog what happens next.

Bear in mind I can’t just ruin the whole thing for you. But I can toss you a bone or two.

For starters, in true Shakespearean form, “Act 2” will be dark. While “Tahoma’s Hammer” shocked-and-awed you with massive devastation, “Order Divested” will challenge your conscience with glimpses into the darkness of the human mind—and not just from the antagonists. You’ll be saying to yourself, “Wait—I thought this was a good guy!” You might even view a scum-bag or two as an anti-hero at some point. And that is exactly is it should be. In the absence of the Rule-of-Law, all bets are off regarding human behavior. “No holds are barred” as they used to say in pro-rasslin’.

You’ll also meet more deeply a few characters you were barely introduced to in TH. As I learn the craft of writing, I’ve discovered that pulling these people out of my mind is much of the fun.

Last nugget: cat-and-mouse. There will be an awesome story of the hunter being hunted.

I’m well into outlining and building the new characters as far as I can without actually drafting. I will keep that flow going as much as possible for the final book of this initial trilogy. Once I have “Order Divested” out for Beta reading, I’ll immediately start progressing “Spiritus Americae.” I’m done playing around. For the last several days all I’ve heard is, “When’s the next one coming out?!” I’m listening folks. Quality over quantity, of course, but I don’t see why I can’t have both of these out before next summer begins.

P.S.Okay, this really IS the last nugget: Cascadia Fallen merch is in the works!

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