Well, I’ll answer that by saying I don’t always have the best judgment. Case in point: I have a tattoo of the nickname “Cooter” on my right forearm. I guess deep-down, I’m one of those “negative attention is better than none” kind-of guys…

Anyway, the more I learn about the writing and networking crafts, the more I realize that I want to give this a shot. The University of YT advised me that I should pick my “niche”. So, after I looked up the word “niche”, I figured out that I also need to identify what my “pillars” are and what it is that I will offer differently. There’s already a ton of preparedness information out there. Heck, that’s where I learned all of this—from others.

In the end, I decided that I do have some strengths that will enable me to provide value to the reader. Besides humor (I know, I know… looks aren’t everything), I have quite a bit of practical experience in some topics, plus a ton of organizing skills developed at a federal job.

Here’s the plan:

Tuesdays will focus on the Cascadia Universe I’ve created. Some of the sub-topics will be excerpts, character profiles, sneak peeks, plot ideas, how disasters happen, and polling you all for your thoughts.

Thursdays will focus on the Modern Minuteman. How diet and fitness play into our lives now, and after the collapse; Martial Fitness drills, dry-fire, tactical, comms & HAM; and gear reviews/kit layouts.

Saturdays will focus on Prepping & Organization. Topics will include food storage, vehicles, organizing your gear, inventories, checklists and infrastructure issues. Some of you have already been reading the food storage and vehicle series that are in-progress.

I think you’ll find that this blog will be the best way to get to know me, too. I’m an open-book—horrible at poker and lying, but good at planning and forecasting. I would either win “Survivor” or be the first person voted out.

Please consider checking out the past blog articles. Got questions or suggestions? Shoot ’em in the comments. As always, I appreciate your time!

You thought I was kidding???

People always say, “What does that mean?” I always tell them, “That you can still make horrible decisions after 40…”