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Website Sales Update

Website Sales Update

3/20/2023 Update: I'm now selling my two novellas and the Cascadia Fallen trilogy audiobooks directly on this website. You'll save money and get them delivered instantly to your email! Direct sales of all 6 paperback novels is just a day or two around the corner! I'm also in the final steps for being compliant to sell to UK and EU customers (VAT etc.) Oh, Snap!—I also have some Slaughter Pen Posse shirts for sale!

All of my sales paths can be found by scrolling the home page.

Around the end of April, I'll legally be able to sell my Cascadia Fallen ebooks, both here and at non-Amazon retailers. I'm also setting up to sell my paper and audio at those retailers. I will be leaving Blades of Grass ebooks exclusive to Amazon for quite awhile, probably for at least another sixteen months.

Currently, my product pages that lead to Amazon are usable. You'll find the paths to those in the ebooks and merchandise collections below this.

COMING UPGRADES! In short order, I will be adding discount and "bundle" features for the products that I sell here, including the Cascadia Fallen ebooks and audiobooks once they're available in about five weeks. And I'll be adding the ability to leave me product reviews here on the site.

I will also be making Tahoma's Hammer permanantly free on the non-Amazon retailers. It will be free here, too, but through a link to sign up for my newsletter (NOT through the product page and shopping cart.)

Lastly, I get asked quite often about when I'll be doing the Blades of Grass audiobooks. Answer: a long time from now. I honestly can't afford to produce them, and I won't compound that issue by making them under the royalty-share production method. It's not that I don't appreciate your interest; it's that I can't be irresponsible and continue to make audiobooks that take me years to recover the costs on.



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