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Native Texan Austin Chambers joined the Navy in the late 80s, deploying on USS Truxtun (CGN-35) on two major deployments to the Persian Gulf, with one two-month secret op in between. Sixteen months out of forty-eight spent at sea was enough. He opted to stay in the milder climate of the Silverdale, Washington area. The former Gunner's Mate settled in for the long haul as a father, husband and career government civilian.

He has the distinction of being foolish enough to quit an excellent job at the local naval shipyard—not once, but twice. In the 90s, he landed his dream job by becoming a FF/EMT at the submarine base. But a contractor-layoff of ten firefighters, coupled with adult onset asthma, convinced him to go back to building scaffold in support of work on submarines and aircraft carriers. He worked his way up to supervisor quickly, and eventually stood up the internal training program for all non-apprentice shipwrights. He eventually became a mid-level manager, wearing a few different hats: fall protection guru, general foreman, and safety advocate.

In Fall of 2018, he started a two year venture writing and publishing the Cascadia Fallen trilogy. In the midst of that, he accidentally discovered some success launching a preparedness YouTube channel. This was the beginning of the end for his government career. What had started as a "side gig" to ensure he could retire at the minimum age, had evolved into a passion. In April 2021, he once again left the DOD to pursue his new dream job and to work on some health issues. "Sure it's scary," he says. "But so is laying on your death bed, hating the life you chose because you took the safe option out of fear."

He is open about his life and his causes. He found a new life of happiness through personal counseling for lifelong, unaddressed depression. His wife and he have strengthened their marriage beyond what they thought possible. He is a volunteer range officer and firearms instructor. He enjoys living in the country, sitting on the front porch with a cup of coffee, and working in his reclaimed garden. He's a bit burnt-out of the six to eight months of gray drizzle every year and looks forward to the day life enables them to move to a Liberty-loving state.