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Cascadia Fallen: Order Divested

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In the wintery ash left by Mt. Rainier’s eruption, bands of people work to survive.

More than one criminal organization jockeys for the best position to take advantage.

As the survivors at the gun club recoil from a great tragedy, they also prepare to strike and destroy an evil presence before it can take root.

This draws the ire of local authorities—and the attention of a much more dangerous foe.

Experience the disasters all over again from the perspective of new characters.

…A charge nurse who must triage someone she loves…

…A retired Ranger whose bugout doesn’t go according to plan…

…And a professional sniper hell-bent on extracting revenge on a slippery monster…

Just how will this tug-of-war between moral-courage and evil unfold?

Price listed is for Kindle. Also available in paperback, Audible and Kindle Unlimited.